11 Birthdays

Characters in the book, 11 Birthdays

Amanda Ellerby
Amanda Ellerby is best friends with Leo Fitzpatrick. Well, she was. Amanda is in the 5th grade with Stephanie (her new best friend) and Leo (her old best friend.) She has an older sister Kylie and Amanda has blonde hair.

Leonard (Leo) Fitzpatrick
Amanda Ellerby's best friend until their 10 bithday. Leo is in the 5th grade with Amanda and Stephanie and has dark black hair.

Angelina D'Angelo
She has lived in Willow Falls forever. Seriously. She has a birthmark shaped like a duck on her cheek that always seems to wiggle. Angelina is actually the only other person besides Leo and Amanda that knows what's going on. She's the enchantress.

Kylie Ellerby
Amanda's Ellerby older sister by 2 years. She is very fasionable and popular. She is the typical teenage sister in 7th grade.

Amanda's best friend who is in the 5th grade. Stephanie is very athletic and cares a lot more about being popular than Amanda. She's the one who's making Amanda try out for the cheerleading team so they can be popular next year.

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick
Leo's parents

Mr and Mrs. Ellerby
Amanda and Kylie's parents

Emma and Tracy Becker
Twins that are good friends with Amanda. Emma is always super hyper. Tracy is always super calm.